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Security Policy


Our way of thinking about security


【Personal Information Protection Law】

Strictly protect personal information and is only used for the prescribed purposes.


【Unfair Competition Prevention Act Law】

 Treat all client and customer information gained through our business, as strictly confidential.


【Literary and Artistic Law】

Use of softwares, we observe user policy such as copyright.


【Other Policies and Regulations】

We must adequately explain about the product and purchase process while observing the law below.

We must explain the possible effects of the product on the customer in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

We observe all rules which is declared in the contractual agreement with client.


Enacted on October 20th, 2006




We obtainer JIS Q 15001 certification

“Privacy Mark” means a permit has been given from JIPDEC to companies which meet the requirements for protecting personal information in accordance to the JIS Q 15001 standards. It ensures strict compliance of regulations and accuracy of all personal information handled by our business. Our clients faith in out company is strengthened by implementing these personal information protection policies.

ISMS basic principle

tele-net Corporation acquired Information Security Management System (ISMS) qualification In April 2007.

In order to make a positive contribution to society, and to ensure the confidence and trust of our customers and clients, we have implemented the ISMS Basic Policy as our guidelines.



1. We shall take all measures required to prevent any occurrence of a security issue, based on risk assessments from all possible threats such as equipment, technology and system. In the unlikely event of any accident, we shall respond promptly.

2. Clarification of roles and responsibilities about information security protection measures shall by defined within the organization’s strategy.

3. We shall stipulate the specific measures of the provision and will implement them based on laws and regulations concerning information security and will be bound by contractual obligation. We will continually improve and maintain these measures and policies.

4. To protect the information assets entrusted by our customers, we put the highest priority on following the personal information protection laws and policies/measures based on the JIS Q 15001 requirements.

5. We shall continuously implement the proper education, training and explanation of basic policies and regulations to executive officers, employees, and cooperative companies. Responsibility for any violations, will be based on contractual obligations and office regulations.

6. In order to ensure the basic policies and regulations are disseminated, maintained, implemented and improved, we shall conduct audits, investigate and solve any problems or risks which may arise.



This rule was established on June 1, 2006.

The last date of revision: June 8, 2006.


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